Navsari’s Economy and Industry Profile

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1. Textiles, diamond business, sugar industry, agro & food processing, paper, engineering and chemicals are some of the key business sectors in Navsari.

2.The district has well developed floriculture and horticulture activities owing to its suitable climate and presence of a major player Best Roses Biotech Pvt. Ltd.

3. Best Roses has pioneered 6 hectare greenhouse project in the district which is the largest export-oriented floriculture project in the State. The Company exports to countries such as, Japan, Germany and UK, etc.

4. Other large players such as Gufic Biosciences Ltd., Tata Steel Ltd., and Mafatlal Industries are present in the district.

5. Navsari district is the largest producer of chikoo in the State and the largest exporter of the fruit in India

6. The district has huge sugarcane fields as a result of which sugar manufacturing industry is a major business in Maroli and Gandevi talukas of the district.

7. There are approximately 23 medium and large scale industries present in Navsari with a total investment of INR 377 crore (USD 90 million) generating employment for 9,057 persons.

8. Most of these units are concentrated in Navsari and Gandevi talukas

9. Some of the major medium and large scale players present in district are shown below:

Name of Company Taluka Production
Mafatlal Industries Ltd. Navsari Textiles
Gufic Biosciences Ltd. Navsari Drugs and Pharmaceuticals
Sahakari Khand Udyog Mandli Ltd. Gandevi Sugar
Tata Steel Ltd. Navsari Hot Rolled Profiles and Cold Formed Profiles
The Navsari Cotton and Silk Mills
Navsari Yarn
VVF Limited Navsari Chemicals
Best Roses Biotech Pvt. Ltd. Navsari Cut Flowers
Bhukhanvala Tools Pvt. Ltd. Navsari Machine Tools

10. There are approximately 7,525 small scale industries present in Navsari. Some of the main industries under SSIs present in Navsari are food products, metal products, chemicals and rubber and plastic products manufacturing.

11. Maximum number of SSI units (1,412 units) are in repairing and servicing oriented sector followed by metal products manufacturing (533 units).

12. Highest number of SSI units are located in Navsari taluka followed by Gandevi and Chikhli talukas.

13. As per the Industrial Entrepreneur Memoranda (IEM) filed, the total number of units increased to 52 units during 1998-2007 from 42 units in 1988-97.

14. Employment opportunities generated during 1998-2007 has doubled as compared to previous decade (1988-97).

15. During 1998-2007, sectors such as machine tools, chemicals and food processing industries observed remarkable growth in investments with highest growth observed in machine tools.

16. Drugs & pharmaceuticals and vegetable oils emerged as the new sectors attracting investments during 1998-2007 of INR 31 crore (USD 7 million) and INR 35 crore (USD 8 million) respectively.

17.. During 1998-2007, maximum investments were attracted by miscellaneous industries of INR 60 crore (USD 14 million) with 25% share in total investment and generated second highest employment.

18.. Highest employment was generated by the textiles sector creating 6,438 jobs contributing 47% to total
employment during the decade.

19. Vegetable oils observed high value investments with 1 new project worth INR 35 crore (USD 8 million).

20. Drugs & pharmaceuticals emerged as a new sector inviting fresh investments during 1998- 2007 worth INR 31 crore (USD 7 million).

21. A total of 10 MoUs amounting to INR 7,068 crore (USD 1.68 billion) of investments were signed in Navsari during Vibrant Gujarat Global Investors Summit (VGGIS) hosted in the year 2003, 05 and 07.

22. Agro and marine based industries, power, and tourism attracted major investments in the three summits.

23. Highest investment was proposed by Union Territory of Diu and Daman for setting up power project in the district with proposed investment of INR 4000 crore (USD 0.95 billion).

24. M/s. LG Foundation proposed next highest investment for setting of an entertainment zone in Navsari.

25. Maximum number of MoUs were signed in agro and marine based industries with total 10 MoUs in various areas such as, floriculture, horticulture, biofuel, jatropha and aquaculture.

26. The development of Vansi-Borsi port as direct berthing deep water port proposed by Gujarat Maritime Board will fuel the industrial growth in the district. It will improve business opportunities for industries such as mineral based industries, food and agro processing industries, salt industries and marine based industries.

27. The climate of Navsari district is well suited for floriculture activities. The Gujarat Government has covered floriculture activities under Jyotigram Yojana as a result of which 24- hour power supply is available. There are many floriculture projects coming up in the district which will boost the economy of the district and increase the exports of flowers which has a growing demand.

28. Surat-Navsari is proposed to be developed as an industrial area along the Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC). This will augment development of textiles, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and food processing industries which are prominent sectors.


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    Very usefull information
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    October 4th, 2011 @ 5:22 PM

    Want to find out family lineage.Ismail Mohamed HAffejee sister mariam bibi kaji (maiden name haffejee)travelled to Durban in 1919-April may born kathor district navsari1879 passport number3264 given at Bombay 11 April 1919a subject of state of had two girls travelled with them a
    Aminabibi 10years khatija bibi 8 years travelled with them

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    useful information provided thanks for it.

    like to draw attention on the infrastructure of navsari, needs serious attention as it is a big obstacle in the growth on the district.

    state government should look in to the issue and
    should take corrective steps.

    Jai Hind

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