Enhanced forensics use focus of India conference co-organized by INTERPOL

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GUJARAT, India – A meeting to promote the use of DNA, Disaster Victim Identification (DVI) and fingerprint forensic sciences in police identification work in Asia has opened at Gujarat’s Forensic Sciences University.

The first of its kind in South Asia, the four-day meeting (27-30 April) brings together 115 officials from the region, including 18 forensic and security experts from Afghanistan, India, Nepal and Sri Lanka. With experts from INTERPOL’s General Secretariat headquarters in Lyon, France, also attending, the conference aims to enhance forensic capability and co-operation within the region as well as with INTERPOL’s on the exchange of forensic intelligence.

Inaugurated by Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi, and welcomed by the Director General of Gujarat Forensic Sciences University, Dr. J. M. Vyas, the conference is co-organized by the University and INTERPOL.

With the event aiming to make its participants familiar with INTERPOL’s internationally recognized procedures for Disaster Victim Identification, the meeting will review fingerprint and DNA capabilities in the region, identify regional problems involving fingerprint and DNA usage and data exchange with INTERPOL and/or amongst other countries, and encourage regional countries to increase fingerprint and DNA data collection.

The conference will also seek to help participating countries establish or develop national fingerprint and DNA databases and to find solutions for fingerprint and DNA data exchange between INTERPOL and participating countries with regard to organized and cross-border crimes.

The opening of the conference also saw Chief Minister Modi inaugurate the new national AFIS system (Automated Fingerprint Identification System), which will allow for the electronic scanning, exchange and comparison of fingerprint information and will connect all of India’s regions.



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