SWAGAT at Work in Gujarat

Posted on | July 4, 2010 | 2 Comments

The Gujarat government under the aegis of Mr. Narendra Modi have developed a system known as SWAGAT (State Wide Attention on Grievances with Application of Technology). This system enables residents of Gujarat to register their complaints against the services provided by the Government of Gujarat. Under this system all talukas in Gujarat are connected via computers to the central CMO (Chief Ministers Office). Hence communication between the CMO (Chief Minister’s Office) and the offices  in Taluka is instantaneous. The way this works is:

1. The citizen having complaints visits the office of the CMO and fills out a form and hence formally registers the complaint. After this supporting documents pertaining to the issue are applied to the complaint. These documents are then verified for its authenticity after which they are scanned into the “SWAGAT” system.

2. The complaint is routed to the appropriate office/taluka in real-time.

3. The concerned taluka/office receiving the complaint has to reply back at the earliest with comments regarding the complaint. It is possible for CMO’s office to call the concerned taluka/office for clarification.

4. The comments/responses from the taluka/office are examined and appropriate action taken.

It is also possible for citizens to meet the CM to present their case. For implementing the above mentioned technology, the CMO’s office has received the United Nations Public Service Award  (UNPSA). Much of the credit for the success of SWAGAT goes to the efficient working of the CMO. Few people know that Gujarat’s CMO is the only one in the country that acquired an ISO certification for its processes in January 2009. The certification was renewed in January 2010 as per the latest standards.


2 Responses to “SWAGAT at Work in Gujarat”

  1. Shamir Desai
    February 11th, 2011 @ 5:17 PM

    Mr.Modi should give video clip on you tube
    then It will more popular in public. I am USA
    I want to know what is going on in my state
    of GUJARAT.

    This program is most important for poor people
    and illiterate people, those are the one paying
    price out of corruption.
    thank you
    Shamir Desai

  2. Navinbhai Dhaya
    March 4th, 2012 @ 2:00 PM

    I am responding to you from Port Elizabeth in South Africa. During several of my visit to my Gham Vejalpor ( near Vesma ) I have always noticed that the road leading to the GHAM is always tarred and maintained, BUT THE ROADS LEADING TO ALL THE OTHER AREAS ( FARYAS )IS NOT TARRED ADEQATELY OR MAINTAINED PROPERLY.I urge you to kindly look into this matter sothat it may be beneficial to the many people living and working in this area. I trust you will respond positively and serve the many road users of these areas.

    Kind Regards and JAY SHREE KRISHNA.

    Yours Truely,

    Navinbhai Dhaya.
    South Africa.

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