Golden Jubilee for Gujarat State

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1st May 2010 is a foundation day for the state of Gujarat. It is an occasion of Golden Jubilee for the state. And the GOG (government of Gujarat) has planned the celebrations. The conclusion of the Sankalp Jyot Rath Yatra was a part of it and our Hon’ble CM reiterates to make us remember that it is not an occasion for Gujarat government alone, or for BJP, but it is an occasion to celebrate with the great participation of people of Gujarat.

The Congress Party’s mayhem is unnecessary and the backhand support from the centre will be counted as their maligning purpose to disrupt the entire celebration of people.

When an occasion is to be celebrated with great participation from people of the state, it is not fair to insert the issue of party-politics in between. This exhibits the very nature of divide and rule, and love and hate policies, which should be stopped. Does Congress know that 1st May is Gujarat Day? Don’t they know who ruled the state before BJP? Don’t they have a right merely for these reasons? Then, why do they just emphasize that presently it is the BJP’s regime and are themselves organizing a parallel mega-event on the same day. Is this affection towards their motherland? Again this is done as per the instructions provided to them from centre, what are they up to? Are they not trying to divide the people of the state on the matter of this celebration? They are well aware that party-vengeance must be separated from the State and its people. But the party has always been susceptible to opportunistic methods and bias. This appears to be seen in the celebration of Golden jubilee also. In state congressman, have you ever seen their love for Gujarat go beyond opportunistic role-play? But this is not fair. Celebrations done as per the party’s whims are not a fair practice. It is a cheap practice. Even if the congress is in opposition, it is not acceptable that they make a separate plot for this celebration.

If this continues, the day is not far when a separate flag hoisting will be held by the Congress and the opposition on 15th August at the Red-Fort. Are we going to let it happen? The whole world will see how united we are? Even if the Congress has all these differences, they have behaved very inhumanly and in a petty way by separating themselves.

Do not want this to be a political rant, but I think this post warrants a place here due to Congress being against Gujarat.


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